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Blood tests for lipids and bilirubin with its fractions, fecal analysis for dysbacteriosis, helminth eggs and coprogram are methods to determine the safety of singulair pills of the biliary tract, as well as to exclude the possible cause of the disease - worms. These tests do not make a diagnosis. The diet for dyskinesia contains general nutritional rules, but there are also moments that are radically different in hypokinetic and hyperkinetic variants. You need to eat food so that the gallbladder is completely emptied, but there are no pain attacks.

Features of nutrition in hypomotor dyskinesia. The diet must necessarily contain foods that stimulate the motility of the biliary tract. Features of nutrition in hypermotor dyskinesia. With this form of the disease, it is necessary to buy singulair online from the diet products that stimulate bile formation and bile secretion. animal fats, black bread, fatty dairy and sour-milk products, fresh vegetables, broths and soda. It also has general purposes, and is also based on the type of dyskinesia.

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Since dyskinesia is considered a disease, the main cause of montelukast pills is nervous regulation, which depends directly on the psyche. Therefore, before treating a violation of the motor activity of the biliary tract with the help of choleretic drugs, you need to start with restoring the mental background. If the pathology arose against the background of a depressive state, a course of mild antidepressants is prescribed. If the violation of bile secretion was provoked by neuroses, expressed anxiety, it is advisable to start with tranquilizers or antipsychotics. Such appointments are made by a psychotherapist or psychiatrist.

Here you need drugs that increase the formation of bile. it will become larger, the bile ducts will work longer, and not rapidly contract, causing an attack of pain. These are medicines such as ocafenamide, flamin, nikodin. Also, if the sphincters are overstretched, they are relaxed. This is done with antispasmodic drugs. no-shpa, buscopan. In addition, we need such means that normalize the balance of the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems. valerian tincture, potassium bromide, motherwort tincture. Biliary dyskinesia is a pathology in the treatment of which folk remedies are an excellent addition to buy montelukast drug therapy, and sometimes its only component (for example, in children). Additional treatments.